Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits

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Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits

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Pearry Green, then president of the student body, related how during a talent show Lewis played some "worldly" music. The next morning, the dean of the school called Lewis and Green into his office to expel them. Lewis said Mad For It - Various - Psychomania Green should not be expelled because "he didn't know what I was going to do.

After that incident, he went home and started playing at clubs in and around Ferriday and Natchez, Mississippibecoming part of the burgeoning new rock and roll sound and cutting his first demo recording in Aroundhe traveled to Nashvillewhere he played in clubs and attempted to build interest, but he was turned down by the Grand Ole Opryas he had already been at the Louisiana Hayride country stage and radio show in Shreveport.

In DecemberLewis began recording prolifically, as a solo artist and as a session musician for other Sun artists, including Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Formerly, rockabilly had rarely featured piano, but it proved an influential addition, and rockabilly artists on other labels also started working with pianists.

On December 4,Elvis Presley dropped in on Phillips to pay a social visit while Perkins was in the studio cutting new tracks with Lewis backing him on piano. Johnny Cash was also there watching Perkins. The four then started an impromptu jam sessionand Phillips left the tape running. Lewis's own singles on which he was billed as "Jerry Lee Lewis and his Pumping Piano" advanced his career as a soloist duringwith hits such as " Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On ", a Big Maybelle cover, and " Great Balls of Fire ", his biggest hit, bringing him international fame, despite criticism for the songs, which prompted some radio stations to boycott them.

According to several first-hand sources, including Johnny CashLewis, a devout Christian, was troubled by the sinful nature of his own material, which he believed was leading him and his audience to hell. As part of his stage act, Lewis pounded the keys with his heel, kicked the piano bench aside and played standing, raking his hands up and down the keyboard for dramatic effect, sat on the keyboard and even stood on top of the instrument.

Lewis told the Pop Chronicles that kicking over the bench originally happened by accident, but when it got a favorable response, he kept it in the act. His dynamic performance style can be seen in films such as High School Confidential he sang Kyu Sakamoto - Ue O Muite Arukou title song from the back of a flatbed truckand Jamboree.

Lewis's turbulent personal life was hidden from the public until a May British tour where Ray Berry, a news agency reporter at London's Heathrow Airport the only journalist presentlearned about Lewis's third wife, Myra Gale Brown. She was Lewis's first cousin once removed [26] [27] and 13 years old even though Brown, Lewis, and his management all insisted that she was 15 — while Lewis was 22 years old. The publicity caused an uproar, and the tour was cancelled after only three concerts.

InPhillips opened a new state-of-the-art studio at Madison Avenue in Memphis, [29] abandoning the old Union Avenue studio where Phillips had recorded B. It was at the latter studio that Lewis recorded his only major hit during this period, a rendition of Ray Charles 's " What'd I Say " in Another recording of Lewis playing an instrumental boogie arrangement of the Glenn Miller Orchestra favorite " In the Mood " was issued on Free Me - Mr.

X & Mr. Y - Live From Berlin - 4 Turntables And A Microphone + 3 Bonus Tracks Phillips International label under the pseudonym "The Hawk". Lewis's Sun recording contract ended inand he joined Smash Recordswhere he made a number of rock recordings that did not further his career.

The team at Smash a division of Mercury Records came up with "I'm on Fire", a song that they Trompeten Treppe - Various - Stereo In Vollendung would be perfect for Lewis and, as Colin Escott writes in the sleeve to the retrospective A Half Century of Hits"Mercury held the presses, thinking they had found Lewis's comeback hit, and it might have happened if Thats The Way (My Love Is) - Smashing Pumpkins* - Thats The Way (My Love Is) Beatles hadn't arrived in Americachanging radio playlists Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits overnight.

Mercury didn't really know what to do with Lewis after that. One major success during these lost years was the concert album Live at the Star Club, Hamburgrecorded with the Nashville Teens inwhich is considered one of the greatest live rock-and-roll albums ever. In a 5-out-ofstars review, Milo Miles wrote in Rolling Stone magazine that " Live at the Star Club, Hamburg is not an album, it's a crime scene: Jerry Lee Lewis slaughters his rivals in a thirteen-song Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits that feels like one Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits convulsion.

Frustrated by Smash's inability to score a hit, Lewis was nearing the end of his contract when promotions manager Eddie Kilroy called him and pitched the idea of cutting a pure country record in Nashville. With nothing to lose, Lewis agreed to record the Jerry Chestnut song " Another Place, Another Time ", which was released as a single on March 9,and, to everyone's amazement, shot up the country charts.

At the time of the release, Lewis had been playing Iago in a rock and roll adaptation of Othello called Catch My Soul in Los Angeles but was soon rushed back to Nashville to record another batch of songs with producer Jerry Kennedy.

What followed was a string of hits that no one Sunset Beyond Ave A - Joie/Dead Blonde Girlfriend - Pretty As A Picture have ever predicted, although country music had always remained a major part of Lewis's repertoire.

As Colin Escott observes in the sleeve to the compilation Killer Countrythe conversion to country music in "looked at the time like a radical shift, but it was neither as abrupt nor as unexpected as it seemed.

Jerry had always recorded country music, and his country breakthrough 'Another Place, Another Time' had been preceded by many, many country records starting with his first, ' Crazy Arms ', in Between andLewis had 17 Top 10 hit singles on the Billboard country chart, including four chart toppers. The production on his early country albums, such as Another Place, Another Time and She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbyewas sparse, quite different from the slick " Nashville sound " that was predominant on country radio at the time, and also expressed a full commitment by Lewis to Was Now Living - Charalambides - Branches country audience.

The songs still featured Lewis's inimitable piano flourishes, but critics were most taken aback by the rock and roll pioneer's effortlessly soulful vocals, which possessed an emotional resonance on par with the most respected country singers of the time, such as George Jones and Merle Haggard.

In his book Jerry Lee Lewis: His Own Storybiographer Rick Bragg notes that the songs Lewis was recording "were of the kind they were starting to call 'hard country', not because it had a rock beat or crossed over into rock in a real way, but because it was more substantial than the cloying, overproduced mess out there on country radio".

In a remarkable turnaround, Lewis became the most bankable country star in the world. He was so huge in that his former Smash producer Shelby Singletonwho purchased Sun Records from Sam Phillips in Julywasted no time in repackaging many of Lewis's old country recordings with such effectiveness that many fans assumed they were recent releases.

Lewis played the Grand Ole Opry for the first and only time on January 20, As Colin Escott writes in the liner notes to A Half Century of HitsLewis had always maintained ambivalent feelings towards Music City ever since he'd been turned away as an aspiring musician before his glory days at Sun Records : "It was 18 years since he had left Nashville broke and disheartened Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits was never truly accepted in Nashville. He didn't move there and didn't schmooze there.

He didn't fit in with the family values crowd. Lewis family values weren't necessarily worse, but they were different. Ignoring his allotted time constraints—and, thus, commercial breaks—Lewis played for 40 minutes the average Opry performance is two songs, for about eight minutes of stage time maximum and invited Del Wood —the one member of the Opry who had been kind to him when he had been there as a teenager—out on stage to sing with him.

Lewis returned to the pop charts with " Me and Bobby McGee " in and " Chantilly Lace " in Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hitsand this turn of events, coupled with a revitalized public interest in vintage rock and rollinspired Mercury to fly Lewis to London in to record with a cadre of gifted British and Irish musicians, including Rory GallagherKenney Jonesand Albert Lee.

By all accounts the sessions were tense. The remake of Lewis's old Sun cut "Drinking Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee" would be the album's hit single, reaching number 20 on the Billboard country chart and peaking at number 41 on the pop chart. It did far better on the country albums chart, rising to number 4.

According to Rick Bragg's authorized biography, "the Killer" was in a foul mood when Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits showed up at Trans Maximus Studios in Memphis to record: "During these sessions, he insulted the producer, threatened to kill a photographer, and drank and medicated his way into but not out of a fog. His last big hit with Mercury was Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits Age Crazy," which made it to number 4 in InLewis switched to Elektra and produced the critically acclaimed Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits Lee Lewisalthough sales were disappointing.

Although looking frail after several hospitalizations due to stomach problems, Lewis was responsible for beginning an unplanned jam at the end of Trumpet Sounding - Crucial Vibes - Control Yourself evening, which was immediately incorporated into the event.

That year, he returned to Sun Studio in Memphis to team up with Orbison, Cash, and Perkins along with longtime admirers like John Fogerty to create the album Class of '55a sort of followup to the Million Dollar Quartet session, though in the eyes Ghost Town - Grachan Moncur III - Mosaic Select (Box Set) many critics and fans, lacking the spirit of the old days at Sun.

Ina major motion picture based on his early life in rock and roll, Great Balls of Fire! The movie focuses on Lewis's early career and his relationship with Myra, and ends with the scandal of the late s. A year later, inLewis made minor news when a new song he recorded called "It Was the Whiskey Talkin' Not Me " was included in the soundtrack to the hit movie Dick Tracy.

The song is also heard in the movie, playing on a radio. The public downfall of his cousin, television evangelist Jimmy Swaggartresulted in more adverse publicity to a troubled family. Swaggart is also a piano player, as is another cousin, country music star Mickey Gilley. All three listened to the same music in their youth, and frequented Haney's Big House, the Ferriday club that featured black blues acts.

Lewis and Swaggart have had a complex relationship over the years. Receiving positive reviews, the album charted in four different Billboard charts, including a two-week stay at number one on the Indie charts. Last Man Standing is Lewis's best selling album of all time.

Lewis now lives on a ranch in Nesbit, Mississippiwith his The Road To Accacias - János Ferenc, The Zigeuner Players - Fiddles And Firelight (23 All Time Gypsy. Along with Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Roy Orbison, Lewis received a Grammy in the spoken-word category for the very rare album of interviews released with some early copies of the Class of '55 album in Only recordings Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits are at least 25 years old and have left a lasting impression can receive this honor.

In JuneLewis was honored for his contribution to the recording industry with a star along Hollywood Boulevard on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Fourteen [ clarification needed ] reached the number-1 position. He has had ten official gold discs, the latest being for the album Last Man Standingplus unofficial ones issued by his record company Mercury for albums which sold over a quarter of a million copies.

His duets CD Last Man Standing has sold over half a million worldwide, his biggest-selling album ever. Lewis is also among the Top 50 Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits Billboard Country artists. Lewis was present to accept the American Music Masters Award and closed his own tribute show with a rendition of " Over the Rainbow ".

In Augustin advance of his new album, a single entitled " Mean Old Man " was released for download. It was written by Kris Kristofferson. An EP featuring this song and four more was also released on November The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise - Duke Ellington - The Complete Duke Ellington 1947 - 1952 Volu has been married seven times.

When he was 16 he married Dorothy Barton, daughter of a preacher. His second marriage, to Jane Mitchum, was of dubious validity because it occurred 23 days before his divorce from Barton was final.

It lasted for four years September — October Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Jerry Lee Lewis - 16 Jerry Lee Lewis Hits Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

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