Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself

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Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself

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Our drills are the perfect foundation for any military, law enforcement, protective security, or civilian fitness training program. When will you ever lift a kettlebell or curl a barbell in the course of protecting yourself or others? Probably never. But you WILL have to have attributes like great striking speed, power, endurance, footwork, balance, coordination, dexterity, timing, mental focus, emotional control, and situational awareness. Our training builds all of these as efficiently and effectively as possible!

Thanks Nick. Lots of real-life actionable advice and Nick speaks from experience. Brain-boosting music, anyone? Nick has a very authentic way of delivering his teachings and you can tell he cares very much about the bigger picture which is teaching people to protect themselves while getting healthier. The workout itself starts off very mild, you basically learn to swing the stick until you start putting basic moves together, and then you are all of a sudden exhausted physically as much as mentally.

And it is never boring, not like going to the gym. The defending hand, which was sent first forward is now recoiling, and the back hand is going to grab. As soon as possible with a grab, or immediately after, the kick hits the target. Remember to land away, the outside. The same technique can be utilized against a stab while you are moving towards the live side of the opponent.

Defend the stick as soon as possible away from you, like in the previous technique. Move diagonally forward towards the live side, switch hands, and kick first with the back leg. Continue with landing forward. Remember to land while moving forward, but do not land in the channel of the attack. After the counterattack, must continue.

One way to continue, of course, is to disarm the person. Grab the weapon with two hands, pull it, and rotate it. While you are pulling the weapon, it should be along the line where it is pointing. When you rotate, the sharp, the front side of the weapon should be directed towards the opponent. This is done in, more or less, horizontal rotation. Against a stab with a stick or spear. Moving to the live side, there are some chances that the attacker will attack again with the butt, with the Allegro - Johann Christian Bach, Collegium Aureum, Franzjosef Maier - Drei Concertante Sinfonien (C- side of the weapon, meaning stabbing and then, like Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself the bayonet, of a military style, hitting with the back hand, hitting with the butt side of the weapon.

If we expect this, we should defend and immediately land with two forearms Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself the weapon. Neutralizing the possibility of a strike with the butt towards the head or the ribs. The hand defense. Reaching forward, and then moving diagonally forward is as in the previous techniques. However, now you jump on the weapon. With two forearms slanted, fleshy part, you land on the weapon, and with a small circular action, using your hooks at the wrists, lift the weapon a bit.

Meeting with the forearms, the weapon should be as early as possible before the opponent manage to change the angle or gain some momentum with the butt attack. Jumping on the weapon should be done low, meaning you should bend your knees.

Now lift the weapon a bit and kick with the back leg. Continue with the rotation of the weapon, disarming it from the opponent. Against a high stab with a weapon. The attacker stabs with a stick holding it from below. The stab is directed towards the head or the chest of the defender. As the attacker chambers and stabs, the defender should send his hand. Beginner level 33 Videos 60 Techniques 90 mins. Beginner level 34 Videos 65 Techniques 90 mins. Intermediate 34 Videos 60 Techniques 90 mins.

Intermediate 29 Videos 60 Techniques 90 mins. Advanced 29 Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself 65 Techniques 90 mins. Advanced 31 Videos 70 Techniques 90 mins. Advanced 16 Videos 55 Techniques 90 mins. Advanced 16 Videos 50 Techniques 90 mins. Advanced 17 Videos 35 Techniques 90 mins. All Levels 30 Videos Techniques mins. All Levels 27 Videos 90 Techniques 60 mins. All Little Hands - The Silence Set - Teeth Out 39 Videos Techniques 90 mins.

All Levels 50 Videos Techniques mins. All Levels 35 Videos 90 Techniques 90 mins. No Sunlight (Demo) - Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Possess Your Heart for the full length instructional videos?

View Pricing and Signup. The last one definitely provides plenty of material to discuss over what approaches might work or not. Out of those knife defense videos you shared, David Kyriacou probably has the best one if you're going to stay in the pocket vs.

He catches and controls the elbow right away to prevent the retract. The key aspect of stopping the sewing machine, imo. He's got some similarities to the Red Zone defense popular over here but he has enough sense not to stay there so long.

It should be a transitional position and quickly move to something else. You are vulnerable while there if the guy has some training. I've been teaching Combatives since Initially to Law Enforcement here in the US as well as private citizens. I started teaching an outside 2 on 1 or Russian Arm type position back around and though it has evolved over the years, and incorporated in FMA and Indonesian qualities, I still feel its the safest place to get to if you're stuck empty handed.

There are different possibilities on how you may pick the attack up and transition there, but if you can get to that position, you have a good shot at doing serious damage to the attacker, both his arm and possibly sticking his blade back into him.

But ideally, one, i don't want to have to deal with it empty handed. I carry two blades on me all the time. One fixed blade and one folder. Second, I don't want to stay in the pocket, squared off to the attacker if I can help it.

So, recognizing that you may not know what attack is coming, and that many FMA blade systems say to assume a blade is always in the hand of an attacker, those two realities should make people rethink their paradigm of defense in general, not just knife defense.

That round house punch to the head could be either a punch or a thrust. Do I have separate techniques for them both based on whether I Sons - Vinny Bianchi And Providence - Sweet Innocence I'm dealing with a knife or not?

Or the one hand grab? If that is a common start to either being punched in the face or the grab and stab, do I have separate techniques for when someone just grabs me and talks shit vs when they grab and try to punch me in the face vs when they grab me and Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself stabbing? If i do, i believe this requires some reassessment.

I have one basic move for any grab lapel. It gets me offline, allows me to do damage to the grabbing arm elbow if I want to, and if I need to escalate I can do so rapidly by drawing a weapon from a temporarily safer position which offers me some good control over the attackers body.

I would love to talk at further length. The last 11 years I've been the lead combatives instructor at a training facility that teaches military, LE, executive protection agents, and private citizens. When I first started in it was called Blackwater. We've had a couple of name changes since then. Hope we can talk. Hi Mike, Thank you; glad you enjoyed the articles.

David Kyriacou is a great instructor, very knowledgeable with first hand experience. One of the best I know tbh. I agree that paradigms have Sageta De Foc - Various - LOvidi Sen Va A Palau change to be more realistic.

What drills do you use to address the various issues we've discussed here? Very good. A bodyguard I had overseas, Kotec, ex-soviet army, Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself a belly full of scars showed me somewhat different things. He'd been stabbed with a bayonet, and with knives in battle in Afghanistan and in other combat.

But this was very educational, the best I have seen. K wouldn't carry a gun in town, only long guns when traveling, because he said it's too hard to resist the urge to go for the gun.

Said he saw men die that way. He showed me that I could close with him at 5 meters before he could draw and get a gun up, when he Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself I as coming. And he could do it from farther away coming at me. One of the first really good Yoshinkan aikido practitioners to come to the states who opened a dojo in downtown Chicago, took all comers, with ANY weapons whooped everybody, and I mean everybody. Whenever people would try to rob him for his wallet because he was a little Japanese guyhe would pull it out, toss it on the ground, and when they looked at the wallet, the fight was over in an instant and they were lying on the ground broken or unconscious.

It's a good tactic but I wouldn't My Mans Gone Now - Bill Evans - The Best Of Bill Evans On Verve it unless you have some training under your Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself and fast hands.

You can definitely use a knife to defend yourself if you're capable of using the knife properly. I would recommend taking an edge weapons course.

They will teach you proper use of a knife in a self defense situation. I think at the end of the day that speed is more important than physical strength in a knife fight. It actually depends on where you live, and there are state laws that define what a person can use to defend themselves from an attack. For example, in Arizona if a person is being attacked, legally they can only defend themselves with the same Knife (Reverse Side Thrust) - Nick Liberty - Defend Yourself of weapon the attacker has.

Can you? Will there be legal ramifications resulting from it? You had best have some idea of what those ramifications are before trying to use a knife in a fight. I don't believe a knife is considered a defensive weapon, so you would be escalating and introducing deadly force into the situation.


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