Over The Night (Rufatos Anthem Mix) - Sentenela Presents Lipgloss Feat. Liz (16) - Over The Night


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Over The Night (Rufatos Anthem Mix) - Sentenela Presents Lipgloss Feat. Liz (16) - Over The Night

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These people are such a haunting image in contrast to him. The way they refuse to smile or speak and simply stare at the walls a little drone-like. Very much soulless in his honest opinion. There is a temptation now, something to ease the gnawing boredom. He presses his lips into a thin line, contemplating and measuring the consequences before he slowly, slowly begins to hum a song under his breathe, quiet and for his own pleasure.

Over The Night (Rufatos Anthem Mix) - Sentenela Presents Lipgloss Feat. Liz (16) - Over The Night knock is not instant. Not even when there is a loud beep, metal door sliding open and people starting to leave their cubicles — a flow of people in suits and silence.

There is a familiar, sharp pull in his head and Sungjoo staggers to the side of the pavement. He hold himself up with a few large gasp of air, everything spins like a ride on merry-go-round. The searing sting burns and his eyes rolled to the back of his lids from the sensation of his core tearing a piece of himself. He slides down, bringing his knee to his chest and cradles his head.

There is a cackle ringing in his ears, flashing images of a crooked sneering smile and he groans in painful agony. He should not have sang. Sungjoo whimpers and digs his fingers into the crown of his head, waiting for the voice to stop screaming in his ears. Everything is dark when Sungjoo finally drags himself to his apartment; the sky, the streets, his house and even his lovely, lovely Wenhan. Yibo is out for his occasional night delivery jobs and Wenhan is sat alone in the middle of the living room when Sungjoo flicks the light on.

He did not budge and sinks deeper into the sofa, even the sudden brightness cannot blow those stormy clouds wrapped around him. He tries calling him once more but there is only a reply of silence that breaks Sungjoo a little inside. Impulsively, he climbs up on top of Wenhan, demanding his attention as he settles with caging Wenhan in between him. Their legs are compressed in the constricted space, pressing heat between the fabrics And You Tell Me - a-ha - Hunting High And Low their clothing and Wenhan finally, finally focuses his eyes at Sungjoo, a realization forming in his head.

Sungjoo laughs a little. He did not have to ask, Wenhan will tell him. They always work with this kind of ease. Sungjoo swallows the ball of emotion in his throat. He wants to stop this, his mind clambering to find a way to fix this and he hates his own self when all he can think of is outdated pranks.

He chugs it down with his eyes looking over the rim, a little teasing. Over The Night (Rufatos Anthem Mix) - Sentenela Presents Lipgloss Feat. Liz (16) - Over The Night complies, getting up lazily and raises a brow at him. Sungjoo, however, kisses the annoyance away, his lips plush and his hands steady on Wenhan. Standing outside in the night, this house looks abandoned but both of them knew better.

If people had squint harder, there are coloured smoke from the chimneys and lives pulsing underneath with the beats rising into a never ending crescendo. The building looks stout but it is a long network underground and they know this with all the credits to Yibo.

Among the three of them, Yibo is the most radical, entertainment pulsing in his veins. Never mind the fact that he sells his soul everyday so he could dance one more routine and it hurts Sungjoo to see him get spent even when he is so young. Yibo peeks from the door, hairs dishevelled and perspiration a thin film on his face. At the sight of Wenhan leaning his weight on Sungjoo, a little out of himself, he frowns and disappear again behind the wooden panel. Sungjoo waits, shifting Wenhan to his left now that his right arm has gone asleep.

Yibo re-emerges with one hand jammed into his jacket, he leans to the bouncer and slips in a few bank notes to the built man before dragging them away from his wonderland. He is a little sober now, peeling himself off Sungjoo as he concentrates on walking in a straight line. Sungjoo lets out a sound of affirmation.

A second after, they are in the middle of a network of back alley. The quiet Armin van Buuren Feat.

Jan Vayne - Serenity (Sensation White Anthem 2005) bathe the small dank pathways, salvaging them from absolute darkness.

Yibo stops and they did too, Wenhan leaning on the mouldy wall with his eyes closed. Yibo scans the area before he opens his palm slowly, a packet of blue pills and a square portable radio in them. Sungjoo gasps and snatches the metal box. Yibo snickers at his enthusiasm but let him off anyway.

Sungjoo begins to twist the knobs randomly, trying to find any illegal radio wave as Yibo Over The Night (Rufatos Anthem Mix) - Sentenela Presents Lipgloss Feat. Liz (16) - Over The Night two of those blue pills on his palm.

Sungjoo watches them with bubble-gum sweetness affection blowing in his chest. The wine earlier seems to ferment sweeter in his mouth. Wenhan, then, dives in and indulge. Great song. For the heads. Love this…. Wednesday, April 30, Under You - Virgo - Free Yourself (File), April 29, Federico Sava Feat. Samim vs. Wayne Hussey - Hit Repeat thomas gold ermix Lee feat.

Rita - Mawal L. Tiesto-Adagio for strings Dj Pantelis mix. Over The Night (Rufatos Anthem Mix) - Sentenela Presents Lipgloss Feat. Liz (16) - Over The Night Koppa Mr. Wednesday, April 23, Tuesday, April 22, Sunday, April 20, SLOW Bewildered - Various - Rhythm & Blues Classics Volume Two A.

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